Sunday, June 7, 2009


my most recent adventure took to me Japan. i went with heather to check out her gallery in tokyo and to go check out the greenroom festival. i love japan!!!!!! i had so much fun and was able to visit with friends and make new ones. heather and i had so much fun, we had good food, great company, and exciting adventures. 


random surfer in japan

jun, me, heather at heather's art section at the greenroom festival

me and hotfudge at the greenroom festival

heather, ryan, and me at ryan's art display

sacred craft

eric walden, lance carson, gene cooper, brian michler

sacred craft

life has been quite busy here at chinatown boardroom. eric has been traveling to california to work on surfboards at the 12th floor foam and glass factory. brian and eric have been building some awesome boards. they participated at the sacred craft trade show this past may in ventura with gene cooper and lance carson. make sure to check out chinatown boardroom for new surfboards by cooperdesigns and 12th floor foam and glass.